About Me

a2I’ve posted this silly blog because it seems like something people enjoy doing. Writing is the hardest when you know someone might read it. But writing like any art is supposed to challenge, to explore, to express. Other wise what would be the point? So I guess I have to find my way of doing just that. People who read this will develop their own ideas about it and about me. You will have your own opinions, you may try to read between the lines searching for something, or maybe you will simply not care to bother; well go ahead..  “We see and understand things not as they are but as we are.”

Art: I started taking photos at age 14. My photos gained a lot of attention through the site Deviant Art. Not long they were featured on several covers of books, in magazines, posters, and newspapers. They are also used by many companies for advertisements and also by other artists. I haven’t had a class in photography I just enjoy snapping shots. They have their own way of coming out pretty well.